Wow – the contrast between the two candidates just keeps getting clearer doesn’t it?

Check out this excerpt from “Making The Grade” in the September 6th WORLD magazine.  I’ve underlined what strikes me as particularly frightening about Sen. Obama and particularly heartening about Sen. McCain. Suffice it to say, I much prefer to shepherd my own children!

 Obama’s 15-page, single-spaced plan details new federal programs that would pour billions into shepherding every child from birth to college. A centerpiece of the Illinois senator’s education plan is a “Pre-School Agenda that Begins at Birth” that would expand on “patchwork” efforts in the states, fully federalizing involvement in children’s lives from ages zero to 3. Obama would commit $10 billion to early childhood programs including universal voluntary preschool and $200 million to states and districts that want to extend the K-12 school day.

Sen. McCain’s proposals reflect a belief that decisions should be made closer to the student and that parents should be empowered,” said Heritage Foundation senior education policy analyst Dan Lips. Obama’s plan, meanwhile, would be “very expensive,” he added. “We’ve been trying to solve things from Washington for 40 years, but ever-increasing spending hasn’t increased student performance.”